Day-light Saving, Night-time Security

Leave a Light On

 – P.C. T. Rataj, 32 Division, Toronto Police Service

The number of hours of day-light are getting shorter as the fall season progresses. Home lighting is not only helpful when returning home after dark, but it is also a helpful means of deterring criminals from breaking into homes or stealing property left outside you house after dark.

A house that is in complete darkness is often a sign that no one is at home. Use timers for both indoor and outdoor lights so that they automatically come on before it gets dark. A well lit house won’t be as inviting to a criminal as the one that has no lights on.

Use compact florescent bulbs to keep you electricity bill in check, and, in places where lights don’t always need to be on, use motion sensors to activate them. Outdoor lights that always need to be on during hours of darkness can also be connected to a light sensor, so they automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Automated lights are a good choice because you don’t need to remember to turn them on or off and they will work while you are away on vacation.

Another benefit to lighting the front of you home is that your house number is more visible should you need to have Police, Fire or Ambulance attend during the night. Better yet, consider in-stalling a large illuminated house number that is easily readable from the street during hours of darkness.