Help Protect Seniors from Financial Elder Abuse!

North York Seniors Centre is pleased to announce that our Legal Clinic lawyer, Douglas Alderson, has co-authored a new book, Let The Records Show: A Practical Guide to Power of Attorney and Estate Record Keeping, just published by iUniverse.

Co-authored with his sister, Linda Alderson – a Chartered Accountant, Let The Records Show offers a ten-step guide for effectively handling record-keeping obligations; while at the same time demystifying and simplifying the terminology and related work processes associated with creating a complete and proper information trail to satisfy legal interests.

With incidents of financial elder abuse among Canada’s aging population occurring with increasing frequency and with it the accompanying costs of litigation, the presentation of accessible information on the legal obligations of record-keeping is a welcome event.

“Acting as an Attorney or as an Estate Trustee carries a great deal of financial and legal responsibility” confirmed Mr. Alderson, “unfortunately many people are simply unaware of those responsibilities which can lead to protracted family disputes and serious loss for those whose affairs are supposedly being looked after.”  Mr. Alderson continued, “Lawyers and accountants sometimes use a vocabulary that ordinary people can find confusing at times.  What we’ve done in Let the Records Show is to offer a ten-step guide for effectively handling record-keeping obligations without a whole lot of legalese.  The result will hopefully be the creation of a complete, proper and transparent information trail to satisfy legal obligations which will make the task of being an Attorney or Estate Trustee less onerous while at the same time lessen the occasion for financial elder abuse.”

Fully indexed and containing lots of charts, templates and a helpful 10 Step Decision Tree, Let The Records Show provides a practical and useful guide to record-keeping obligations.

For more information about Let The Records Show, please visit the following website:

Let The Records Show is available from the NYSC’s Gift Shop and online from and

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