Client Bill of Rights

As a client of North York Seniors Centre (NYSC) you have the right to:

1.   be treated with respect and to be free from all forms of abuse

2.   have your privacy and dignity honoured, and your autonomy supported

3.   have your needs and preferences respected

4.   receive information you can understand about the services you receive

5.   take part in decisions about your services and care plan

6.   give consent, refuse consent and change your consent at any time regarding  the services you receive from us

7.   comment or raise concerns about the services you receive without anyone taking action against you

8.   receive information about laws and policies that govern NYSC services including how you can make a complaint

9.   have your client records kept confidential in accordance with the law.

NYSC is committed to ensuring the rights of our clients are respected and promoted in accordance with the Long-Term Care Act.  These rights are to be respected by all staff and volunteers of NYSC.