Covenant of Conduct

Whereas the North York Seniors Centre has developed a statement of mission as:

North York Seniors Centre provides programs and services to promote the physical, emotional and social well being of adults 55+ living in our diverse community.

The members, volunteers and staff of the organization wish to affirm their commitment to achieving the organization’s mission and objectives in a spirit of cooperation, civility and mutual respect.

In this spirit, the members/clients, volunteers and staff will seek to:

  • Treat all with mutual respect; member/client to member/client, member/client to staff, member/client to volunteer, staff to member/client, staff to volunteer, staff to staff, volunteer to member/client, volunteer to staff and volunteer to volunteer
  • Avoid condescending tones and attitudes
  • Communicate in an efficient and prompt manner
  • Request clarification of issues with the applicable and appropriate party(s)
  • Respect the confidentiality of relevant issues brought to their attention
  • Participate in reconciliation rather than confrontation
  • Fulfill all obligations once they have assumed the responsibility, in an efficient and timely manner
  • Reaffirm their commitment to making decisions in a democratic manner through a fair and transparent process
  • Appreciate each other’s strengths and expertise, realizing we are all working towards a common goal
  • Ensure all relationships are without prejudice due to racial, gender, age and cultural diversity
  • Use common sense and practice good judgment when relating to one another.
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