Share the Love

Love has changed our lives.
Who has changed yours?

Is there someone special who puts a spring in your step and brings a smile to your heart – a staff member, a volunteer or a friend?

Valentine’s Day is a perfect moment to say “Thank you” to this special person with a personalized, handwritten card that will show your appreciation for all they do.

With your donation, you will make their day special, also help us to spread the love to our community through our programs and services.

You’re only three simple steps away: 

 Start by selecting your donation amount in the form – the number of cards will show by donation amount. You can let us know if you want fewer cards than eligible for your donation amount in the message area.

Fill in your personal and credit card payment information and click “Complete Donation Now”.

Once your payment is approved, you will receive an email that you can fill in the details for your Valentine’s Day card recipients including their name, location/address, and your personal message to him/her.